Bagamoyo Historical Site

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Behold Bagamoyo and its beautiful, natural harbor which sheltered the slaving dhows and other ships engaged in the nefarious trading of human beings.

Reflect on the town’s name, which is derived from bwagamoyo, meaning “here I throw down my heart”, revealing the desperation and despair of those shackled captives.

Witness the starting point of great searches for the source of the Nile. Livingstone, Stanley, Burton and Speke all passed through Bagamoyo; indeed, Livingstone’s body was laid to rest here before being taken back to England via Zanzibar.

Visit the house where Henry Morton Stanley once lived a century ago and which stands in solitary splendor on the beach. Bagamoyo was also the capital of German East Africa and you can make a stop at the Mission’s small museum to admire their wonderful collection of photographs and mementoes relating to Livingstone and to the German colonial times.